Sweet Orillia Concoctions Catch Eye of Disney reps
by Sara Ross, Orillia Packet & Times, Barrie Examiner

At Epcot Center, in a magical place called Disney World, sits the Canadian Pavilion, where the best of Canada is showcased for the entire world to see.

Among the items that represent this country are jars and bottles of sauces, dressing and blends made with maple syrup, all of them from a little city called Orillia. Standing over a stainless steel pot in Bass Lake six years ago, putting maple syrup and other ingredients into as many creative combinations as she could think up and bringing them to the farmers’ market, Tracy Moore never dreamed her products would make their way to the place where all dreams are possible.

“It tickles me to pieces that the product is in Disney” said Moore, the owner of Everything Maple Inc.

Moore travels around the United States telling people about maple syrup. While in San Diego, she heard Epcot was looking for Canadian products. After sending samples to Disney in January, she got a call. “(They) said, ‘Tracy, we love your stuff and we want it. We think it’s so representative of Canada,’” Moore recalled.

Since July 7, her little contribution to Canadiana has been part of the Epcot Center experience. “Is Disney going to sell thousands of boxes of my products? Not likely,” Moore said. “But… of the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world that walk in, if just one picks up my product, we have exposure and Canada is traveling around the world.” Moore has created 77 products made with maple syrup, including maple barbecue sauce, and maple and roasted garlic dip mix.

“The mindset around maple syrup is that it’s just for breakfast,” Moore said. “What I’m trying to teach people is that you can use maple everywhere and anywhere.”